At Noli’s Pizzeria in Omaha, the second location of the family-owned and operated restaurant by husband and wife duo Krystin (Krys) and Joel Marsh, “New York-style” is more than just a name. Inspired by the coal ovens of famous New York City pizza establishments, the Marshes knew that in order to replicate the flavor and taste so distinct to the city, they would have to perfect their operation down to a science—including the water. To accomplish that, the couple recruited a local water filtration company to mimic the exact granite filtered qualities of New York’s water, resulting in pizzas that cannot be found anywhere else outside the five boroughs, and Omaha. Serving fresh and local ingredients, the New York Neapolitan pizzeria’s menu largely sticks to the classics, although there is a smattering of specialty pies, including “The DiManzo,” a filet mignon and portobello mushroom concoction with a white wine
gorgonzola sauce for a bite that is decadent, yet balanced.

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